Want to learn
about me?

If professionally, take look at at my Resume.  
But if you really want to know me... let's start at the very beginning...


I was born here.

My whole family is from Colombia but I was raised in Mexico. So although I was born in Sweden, we moved away when I was only 2 years old. I still have some vague memories of a snowy Stockholm.

I have 2 sisters who inspire me everyday.

I come from an all-women family (except for my dad). What all these women have accomplished inspires me to be a better person at work, in my life, and as a human living among humans.


Art is my drive.

Since the age of 15 I knew I had to have art in my life in order to be happy. I did not pursue a career in painting, however I illustrate & paint everyday and do lot's of visual design to support my peers. 

I have had both dreads and purple hair...

I Iike to play and experiment with all aspects of my life. From small experiments to helping teams become more user-centric with new ways of working. Now I know that purple hair does not suit me & dreads are super hard to keep up.


I have now been in Sweden 6 years..

I came here to study my masters and since have been working in Gothenburg and Malmö. I always work in English, however my super market Swedish is very good.

I thrive in international settings..

I have worked in many different countries and with many nationalities and I love it. I even travelled south to Cape Town to experience the design culture there for 3 months.


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